Hints & Tips

Never run out of oil:

Check your oil tank regularly to prevent your oil from running out as this can lead to your system having to be bled before it can be restarted. If in doubt why not purchase an Apollo oil watch man from Stradone Oil for as little as €80 you can monitor your fuel and avoid the hassle associated with airlocks.

Check your heating system for leaks:

Have a plumber in your area check your tank, pipe work, valves, flanges and boiler to ensure that there are no leaks, as leaks can prevent your heating system working efficiently.

Service your boiler regularly:

Boilers should be serviced on a regular basis at least once a year – to keep them performing at their optimum.

Keep radiators and heaters free from obstructions:

Having furniture placed in front of radiators, and clothes placed on radiators blocks heat and prevents your system from working effectively.

Save money on your orders:

Ordering the maximum amount for your tank will give you greater discounts rather than small orders which can incur a delivery charge.

Insulate your home:

Take a typical home do you know that 20% of all heat is lost through poor ventilation and draughts and further 15% through the roof alone – make sure to insulate your home sufficiently to gain the maximum heat from your oil

Protect your fuel:

With more and more fuel been stolen its important to protect this expensive commodity from theft, an easy solution to this is to fit a strong tank lock. We feel we have just the thing to protect your fuel and it’s called tanklok at a cost of only €39 Inc vat it’s a lot cheaper than a fill of oil!!!